Gamification in insurance industry

Gamification in the insurance industry is all about user emotions. Emotions drive users to complete a particular task that has business significance yet is beneficial to the user somehow.

Insurers across the world have successfully implemented specific gamification strategies, achieved their goals with a less human intervention using self-service facilities, and created more awareness about insurance products.

The auto insurance industry is using driving behavior using telematics, IoT sensors to achieve customer engagement with Improved customer experience and claims prevention.

Health insurance is tracking health and fitness with intelligent wearable devices, IoT sensors, and mobile apps. With game mechanics around…

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Demand for Streamlined processes in the Insurance industry:

The remarkable year that was 2020 brought about a number of key changes. Among other things, we became cautious about our surroundings and started to appreciate the little things and actions around us. For businesses, the pandemic was an eye-opener. They started to reevaluate the existing supply chains and business models.

The insurance industry has also got enough heat. There is a massive demand for streamlining the processes to cope up with uncertain situations. Insurance companies work on the “hope” principle for a better future. …

User adoption, engagement and retention in Banking
User adoption, engagement and retention in Banking

Owing to security concerns, the banking industry has been extremely cautious of new implementations and process changes. Risks associated with new technology adoptions have kept many bankers at bay, and this inertia has resulted in them being left behind in the race for digital transformation.

However, user engagement strategies have significantly impacted many domains, and banking is not an exception. Let’s find out how user adoption, engagement, and retention are made possible in banking applications with strategic user engagement tools.

Gamification as a useful user acquisition strategy

Barclays card the US partnered with Mastercard to launch Barclays Ring, a social credit card. In this program, card-related activities…

One of the important metrics investors look for is the break-even point for any business to prosper, i.e., when an investment will start generating a positive return. That is the idea behind Customer Lifetime Value (CLV, LTC, CLTV).

Ecommerce segmentation
Ecommerce segmentation

We all knew that a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy is no longer a best practice. Every customer is unique. When we define a customer, the persona includes user interests, behavior, device variability, location parameters, gender-based decisions, and many more. Any product analytics can derive this information for you, and now it’s high time to use this information to increase your eCommerce conversion rates. User segmentation is the starting point for your success.

The power of segmentation:

Segmentation makes sure that your marketing efforts pay off. Thus all successful campaigns out there have used segmentation, and it’s working for each one of them in precisely targeting…

New feature adoption

New features are like food to the product’s soul, well crafted by developers to thrive in the competitive market. Developing a new feature is just the tip of the iceberg. Whenever you add a new feature to improve your product, effectively communicate the added value with the right message at the right time. You should ensure that you’re persuasive enough while announcing new features so that early adopters consider trying your product, and it also breaks the user’s inertia considering new features.

A well-thought feature announcement could help you reduce the churn rate, improve loyalty, and boost adoption and retention…

In recent years user engagement has been the core of marketing and business activities. More money is being invested in improving user experiences than any marketing channel. There are plenty of user engagement tools in the market, and choosing the one that suits your business and budget is essential as well as a tedious task. To make your work easy, we have curated a checklist on what to look for before picking the right user engagement tool.

App analytics —
App analytics —
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Advanced Analytics:

Analytics is the heart of user engagement. When used appropriately, every number has a story to tell, and we should be all ears…

People prefer to receive relevant and exciting notifications’. That’s precisely why they subscribed to you in the first place. Smart marketers have known for a while that people rely on emotions rather than hardcore information. That’s why it’s critical to humanize your message whenever you send a push notification to your users for maximum engagement. Every push notification you send should be timed right and add real value to the user.

Push notifications —
Push notifications —

An engaging push notification includes creative copy, rich media images, calls to action, and the right timings. Following are 13 ecommerce push notification templates that you can directly pick…


  1. Drive users to exhibit the desired behavior by completing the onboarding steps that may include registration, Updating their profile, Making their first purchase, etc.
  2. Create awareness among users about the App/Website value proposition
  3. Make users understand the application’s features and functions and understand each feature’s purpose.
  4. In the shortest time possible, make the users discover value from your App or Website.

Approach #1: Do Not Overwhelm your first-time users


  • Do not overwhelm your users with a one-time tutorial that tries to explain everything about your App/Website. …

Customer behavior across industries is changing due to technological advances. With changing times, customer’s expectations, especially from the insurance industry, have evolved and compelled insurers to revamp their product and services. This paradigm shift in behavior came about with an increasing number of millennials and zillennials who prefer direct digital touchpoints with insurers. To enhance customer experience, optimize the way you engage with your customer engagement.

Also, research from Forrester on the insurance industry revealed that of those customers who felt valued, 87% would advocate for their provider, and 74% would stay with their current insurer.

So it’s become imperative…

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