D2C model: Top D2C brands and what you can learn from them

So, what is a D2C business model?

Benefits of the D2C model :

Examples of D2C brands :







Takeaways From These Direct to Consumer Brands

  • They appeal to conscientious younger generations
  • They embrace individuality. Brand voice is important. Use the language and tone that appeals to your core audience and don’t be afraid to really hone in on a niche.
  • They carve out a place in their consumers’ lives to ensure they’re the go-to for their respective items.
  • The examples above neatly outline how novelty and innovation can propel start-ups to success.

Final thoughts

The Upshot.ai Advantage:



Upshot.ai is an omnichannel, customer engagement and gamification platform that helps businesses to create amazing experiences to deepen customer relationships.

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