How Gamification is Influencing the Insurance Industry

Gamification in the insurance industry is all about user emotions. Emotions drive users to complete a particular task that has business significance yet is beneficial to the user somehow.

Insurers across the world have successfully implemented specific gamification strategies, achieved their goals with a less human intervention using self-service facilities, and created more awareness about insurance products.

The auto insurance industry is using driving behavior using telematics, IoT sensors to achieve customer engagement with Improved customer experience and claims prevention.

Health insurance is tracking health and fitness with intelligent wearable devices, IoT sensors, and mobile apps. With game mechanics around digital products and data, health insurance companies could achieve customer engagement and brand awareness.

Auto and home insurance companies use virtual home or car purchase gamification for guided customer onboarding and policy servicing. With improved customer experience, insurers are able to increase sales and brand awareness.

P&C Insurance companies are using virtual reality as a gamification element on mobile apps by identifying customer needs. It helps insurers to boost new product sales, claims prevention, and improved customer experience.

Cigna — Health matters gamified health assessment :

Based in Bloomfield of Connecticut, Cigna is an American worldwide healthcare services organization. Its insurance subsidiaries are major providers of medical-related products and services.

Cigna has launched a new digital health coaching program called Cigna Health Matters, which onboards its users with a gamified health assessment. Insurers said that by gamifying the health survey, the completion percentage increased from 30 percent to 90 percent.

Cigna gamification —

Each member is given a score after the assessment, and the score evolves based on the member’s health situation.

Also, Cigna rewards its members for completing certain activities and for achieving certain milestones. Thus, Cigna achieved its business goals with gamification and became an inspiration for many insurance organizations thereafter.

American Family — Insurance planning game:

American family insurance collaborated with Mindshare entertainment and WildTangent to develop an “iAMFAM” game that allows users to create digital avatars to virtually buy houses and plan a career. The game guides the users to pick different insurance plans on time.

American Family Insurance gamification —

This game has increased the insurance website’s click-through rate from 5% to 15%, and the gamers are motivated to ask for more Insurance quotes than before.

Lawley insurance — Product adoption gamification:

Lawley is an insurance firm that has developed a great sales tool for its representatives. They soon realized that their representatives are not utilizing the tool for logging details, and hence the forecasts became messy for the business.

Then the management decided to gamify the sale details logging by rewarding a few points for every sale-related activity.

For example, representatives used to get 75 points for completing a prospect call and 200 points for closing a deal. Lawley started a contest and representatives performed over 196 activities, resulting in sale close date updates by 150% in the tool.

Thus, gamification helped Lawley with software and process adoption. The points and rewards system resulted in a significant increase in sales and activity.

Gamification in Auto Industry:

Aviva is a British multinational general insurance company headquartered in London. Users need to upload their driving videos to the drive app and earn a score. Thus, Aviva gamified the process of savings on car insurance.

Rather than trying to score a person’s driving ability like an inspector, they handed the control over to the users by framing the app with all necessary driving safety measures as streaks. Thus to win the insurance the drivers needed to take turns slowly and drive safely, wherein the GPS tracker would take charge of the scoring. Isn’t it fun?

Aviva gamification —

Gamification in Healthcare by Apollo Munich:

Apollo Munich made a late entry into the crowded market of health insurance and wanted to try gamification for its campaign “Kill the Killer”

On “World Mosquito Day”, Apollo rolled out a campaign on the brand’s home page. Users needed to swat as many mosquitoes as possible in 20 seconds and check the score after that.

Apollo munich —

Allstate gamification approach to employee training:

Like many other corporations, Allstate Insurance company wanted to offer training to its employees on various topics such as protecting the personal information of their clients.

Instead of the standard video training, the company chose to gamify the training exercise. The Game is called “PII Protectors.” The players need to answer different questions in the app about Allstate Insurance privacy policies. Solving more problems can help the superhero character by leak-proofing more information. Thus the interactive exercise improved users’ understanding, application, and retention of sensitive company information.

How is helping Insurers:

Our client, one of the leading bankers, had built an app for their life insurance vertical. The app was the only channel to communicate with the policyholders.

Soon they launched the app and found that most of their features and content are unexplored, and retention metrics are going down.

Our client approached with a primary goal of retaining more users and enabling feature adoption. We analyzed their user’s past behavior and found that most of the features and content were unexplored.

Thus our team enabled live rule-based campaigns that guided users to the next steps based on their actions. This developed a habit in users to navigate to the right sections.

Our team rolled out trivia to further validate the understanding of users based on the articles promoted. Users were segmented, and messaging was personalized based on app usage. enabled push and in-app messages to educate users on the content present in the app. With all our strategic implementations, the retention rate shot up 10 fold within no time, and we are working on improving it further.


The user emotions of accomplishment, comparison to peers, progression, achievement are driving forces for successful customer training, customer engagement, product discovery, and creating brand awareness for many leading insurers across the world. These emotions are elevated with gamified experiences in digital environments. Irrespective of the insurance domains, gamification yields fruitful results for many brands and will continue to do so.

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