How to measure and grow Active Users in BFSI?

What are active users?

Why is it important to track active users?

Types of active user metrics

How to calculate Active Users?

# 1. Define the criteria for active users

# 2. Determine the time frame for measuring user activity (DAUs, MAUs, etc)

# 3. Collect and visualize data for assessment


  1. Criteria: user performs at least one action in the app (e.g. tapping a button, scrolling, swiping)
  2. Time Period: daily
  3. The following events are recorded for a particular day:
  • User 1: pressed a button then closed the app
  • User 2: Opened the app and took no action
  • User 3: Opened the app, scrolled, swiped, and pressed a button
  • User 1: Opens the app again and presses another button
  • User 1: is an active user (but should only be counted once)
  • User 2: is not considered active
  • User 3: is an active user

How to grow active users and increase engagement

1. Provide a seamless and personalized onboarding experience for each user segment


2. Boost engagement with Gamification

  • It awakens curiosity. Curiosity helps to encourage users, so they can move forward and get more rewards.
  • It fosters competition. Scoreboards with the achievements of other users encourage the players to accomplish more and compare their results with others.
  • It creates a sense of control. No one likes to be forced to do something. That is why the critical purpose of gamification is to give the users control and decide which milestone they will complete next.
  • Create a cohesive user journey that hooks your audience
  • Make the user experience competitive to increase user engagement
  • Reward engagement and active participation to keep users coming back
  • Make progress visible to trigger the desired user behavior
  • Use mini-games, create in-app personalized trivia, and drive app engagement

3. Use contextual and timely nudges with In-app messages and Push notifications

Push Notifications
  • make it relevant for specific personas and use cases
  • point them at the right time in the user journey

4. Collect and act on user feedback

Customer Satisfaction Scale
Micro Surveys

Final thoughts


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