What is a good Net Promoter Score? Why is NPS Important?

What is NPS?

  • Promoters — Customers who answered the question with 9–10. This group is more than satisfied with your product, and they will be pleased to spread the positive word about it.
  • Passives — Customers who responded 7–8. This segment is satisfied enough with your product to use it. Usually, they will not churn, but they will also not promote it.
  • Detractors — Customers who replied 0–6. Detractors are customers who will likely churn and spread negative words about your product.

How is NPS calculated?

  • 30% detractors
  • 20% passives
  • 50% promoters

NPS Benchmarks:

Tips to improve your Net Promoter score

  1. Increase awareness among your employees– It is essential to educate your employees about the importance of feedback and react to it. They need to understand that every customer matters. It is also essential for them to streamline the input achieved to the other teams responsible, as customers generally stick to companies if they feel that their feedback has been appreciated.
  2. Ask Questions and analyze the score from time to time– If someone gives five on ten, they should be asked why — either by getting them to choose reasons from a list, choose features they dislike, etc. or ask them to enter their options. Once the correlation between a score and reasons is understood, improving the reasons will improve the score as existing as well as new users enjoy the better experience.
  3. Encourage Customer feedback: Open up to customer feedback. Please don’t overlook it; instead, study and learn from it. Advise your clients to submit product or feature requests, involve them in discussions about the overall roadmap, and let them plan onboarding and support calls. Show that you listen to them and are ready to lead a productive collaboration with them.

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